Kennedy Street Residence

Right in the middle of the busy shopping district of Greenhills is a serene home to a family of three. The warmth that this house exudes from each and every corner is mirrored by its users and visitors. Such effect is achieved thru rich earth tones, travertine and onyx stones, wood cladding, and lighting effects.

A mid-sized prayer room cum den opens up to the lanai and the spacious and lush greenery. The crowning glory of this residence though is its main entry porch adorned with yellow onyx which glows brightly when it’s lit by the sun from outside, and by LED lights from the inside. This main entry porch is swamped all around by a flowing water feature on black granite making it seem as thought the entire space is afloat.

All of these elements makes this residence and escape from the hustle and bustle from the Metro – a homey and tranquil rescue as it is.

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