Toyota Marilao, Bulacan

Toyota Marilao, Bulacan is Oben Group’s first provincial dealership venture. The 11,500 square meter facility, distributed over two floors and sitting on a 1.2 hectare property along MacArthur Highway, is touted to be one of Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) first green outlet.

In line with Toyota Motor Philippines’ and Toyota Corp’s global vision and design direction, the Oben Group and the architects, the Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy, pursued green architecture as one of the primary goals in the facility’s program.

Toyota Marilao features green building practices such as the use of renewable energy, low-energy and non-heat emitting lighting (100% LED lights), inverter-type air-conditioning, maximization of natural lighting and ventilation, low interior heat gain, reduced water consumption, horizontal and vertical gardens, as well as a provision for rain water collection.

To elaborate, having a glass façade for the showroom is commonplace in all Toyota dealer facilities, permitting natural light to filter in. This, however, increases interior heat gain. To counteract this, the Architects initiated the use of a sun-shading canopy. This solution is made even more significant because the canopy is made up of over 250 solar panels which, as we all know, collect renewable energy. The collected energy is then fed to the entire electrical system of the facility, again, reducing the need for artificially generated power.

In a conscious effort to reduce energy usage, the Architects also designed light monitors and skylights over offices, hallways and service areas. These provides pleasant natural light during Toyota Marilao’s business hours, significantly reducing the need for artificial lighting. For our supplementary illumination requirements, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights were utilized. LED lights are known to have lower wattages and almost zero heat emission compared to conventional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The use of inverter-type air-conditioning system meanwhile, saves a lot of energy in meeting the Dealership’s requirements.

In the area of water usage efficiency, waterless urinals and sensor-type lavatory faucets were specified. Add to that, the facility also has a provision for rainwater collection system as part of Toyota Marilao’s future development. This system will allow us to harvest rainwater, store and filter it, then reuse it for our workshop and service areas.

To cap things off, certain areas along the building’s frontage were left for landscaping to soften the built environment and to lessen the reflected heat from paved surfaces onto the structure itself. Vertical gardens, or what is popularly known as “green walls” add more greenery and foliage in what otherwise would be vacant fences and building walls.

All of these sustainable building concepts sum up to an architectural design that is geared towards a low-carbon footprint Toyota Dealership, contributing immensely to Toyota’s advocacy of a better environment and a better future.

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